Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leisure of time

Leisure is a part and parcel of work. Leisure is similar to eyelids as they’re closely connected with the eyes. Without leisure variety of work cannot be brought or obtained. Leisure strengthens one’s mind and freshens it. I feel interested in doing something amusing and pleasing in my leisure. In my leisure I cultivate different kinds of flowers in my garden. I take care of them. I water them and weed out them. When the flowers bloom. I feel very fresh and scented. The whole environment of my residence seems to assume a celestial beauty. Besides I collect different kinds of stamps. In my leisure I learn computer operating. I have a personal computer. Whenever I get time, I learn to operate computer by taking help from my elder brother. I cultivate flowers just to add the beauty to the environment at our residence. I do this too to be fresh and invigorated. I collect different kinds of stamps to know the variety of stamps. I’ve also a long cherished desire to exhibit them if I have a golden opportunity to take part in any fair. And I learn computer just to be familiar with science and technology. I better understand our country lags behind in the area of this sector. If I learn computer operating, I can play a vital role in training others by the grace of almighty Allah. And thus our countrymen will be embellished with technological sage and sagacity. I always take care of my work and study. I just take care of my pleasing works after having leisure. I spend about three hours to materialize or nurture my works of leisure. At this, my study is never hindered. Rather I am enriched with different news and views and novelist. In fine I can remark that the time of leisure should not be wasted in idleness. It should be utilized to be amused and enriched properly. I personally feel very contented and satisfied by utilizing my leisure. So, the necessity of leisure can not be denied in the true sense of the term in our pragmatic and practical life.